Friday, July 11, 2008

Tricks of my Trade July 2008

Well, July has only just begun and it brings sad news to the Nashville Magic Community. First, It's Magic!, Nashville's only magic retailer is closing it's doors. This is sad because we have such a large magic community here, and because the theater in the shop is such a nice space to play and perform and practice. It has been a valuable tool for both pros and aspiring pros. The shop closes July 19th. Everything is on massive clearance.

Second, the Nashville OnePaper has also closed it's doors. The OnePaper has been a huge friend to magic over the last 5-6 years, and even gave me my own bi-weekly column on magic. I'm sad to see it go, but I could use the free time.

So, with Nashville losing these two magic friends, what will the state of magic in Nashville become? Well, it may just mean a return of Music City Magic. I know I plan to work hard to get the show back up and in front of an audience, to provide again a format to allow magicians to hone their acts in front of real-world audiences. Stay tuned...

Also, there is a new Magic Theater project in the works. I can't say anything more than that, but be watching this space for more info...

AND there is still some big news to come in August. I can't spill it yet, but I am so excited that I am ready to burst!!!

Catch ya on the Flip-Side!

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