Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Morning After

So, here it is the morning after the world premiere of my 1st production show in almost 2 years, Larger Than Life.

Over all, this show was a huge success. Strong audience turnout, performances went off without any hitches, and the audience was entusiastic about their expierence.

Personally, this show was a huge triumph for me. I performed some brand new material for the first time ever, including some illusions I've wanted to perform for years - some dating back to 1989! I proved to myself that I could go and be the illusionist that most magicians dream of being. Further, I feel pretty good physically. My ankles are sore, and my back is a little stiff, but nothing near what I felt the Morning after that show in July 2006 when I really hurt myself! I am immensly satisfied with the experience!

However, as Axel Rose said "every rose has it's thorn" and this was no exception. This particular thorn was that not one single friend or colleague came to see me. The audience was comprised entirely of strangers. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but because this show was so special for me and important, I went to great lengths to let my magic club colleagues know about it and to invite them to be there. I also took a lot of time and effort to let my Nashville friends and family know about it. Not one of them showed. I promised myself that I wouldn't expect anything from anyone and that it wouldn't bother me if they didn't show.

However, it is sad to me. Of course, this show was important for me because it was my first big show in a long time. But it really hurts my heart for Lonny & Krista. We share magic colleagues, and that should be even more reason for them to come out and support the show. But more, Krista is my lead assistant, and she is 8 weeks pregnant. This may have been her last big show for a while - after all, it's going get more difficult to get in and out of those boxes. it would have been nice for the Nashville magic community to come out and send her off in style.

As a side note their was a TV producer from LA there to see the show. I have been pitching an idea for a TV project, and he really liked what he saw, so you never know...

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