Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Carnival 2008

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Well the big news is that Bairefoot didn't show, so I guess that officially makes me the winner of that contest.

Congrats to Jason and my good friends Christian & Katalina on the 1st & 2nd place wins in the stage comp! Way to go! I was a little off my game for this one and was furious at myself. After I saw the video and then read the judges comments I realized that I was a lot harder on myself that anybody else was. Really, unless you had seen the act before, or were a musician, you probably wouldn't have noticed. It's what they call "ring rust' in wrestling. I've been on the sidelines rehabbing my back and have to work a litle harder to regain that lost step. But, overall the video I got looks good and I hope to post it soon.

Let me say this - and I'm going to be BLUNT and not pull any punches (after talking with Obie O'brien I believe that the time for being polite is long past). At Saturday night's show I saw the most amazing act ever with Charlie Frye, and the most horrendous act ever with the Mirror Images.

Guys, c'mon. That was horrible. At least script your show and take some acting lessons. Good looks and a lot of money do not equal a good act. I mean, really - did anyone see this act before they booked it? And if they did see it, did they actually think "wow, this is exactly what we need!" I mean c'mon!

There I said it. I was harsh, I know. A lot of you will say I am way off sides. But these guys need to hear the harsh truth now, while they can still change the direction of their 6 year old career. And because I am the one offereing such harsh criticism, I will also be the first to offer to help them change it. I did see potential in their act if they would do what needs to be done. I will even offer myself as a director - guys I can make that act gold if you are willing to do exactly what I tell you to do!

Next year - if you want an illusionist, Jason Michaels is just up the road in Nashville. For that matter, Lance Johnson and Robert Jones are right up in Chattanooga. There was no excuse for such a poor act on a Saturday night show.

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Scot said...

You are exactly right on all of your comments Big Daddy.